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sukkot resources

Below find an annotated collection of Sukkot educational resources. If you would like to add a Sukkot teaching resource, please click here.

Instructional Resources

Sukkot Resource Sheet for Teachers - all about Sukkot, educational activities

Why the Arba Minim? - a Sukkot lesson plan for elementary school

Sukkot: Land of Israel and the Rain - a Sukkot lesson plan for high school students

Independent Study for Sukkot - a Sukkot lesson plan for middle and high school students

A Different Sukkot Program - a description of an experiential Sukkot program for high school students

Thanksgiving and Sukkot - a powerpoint (best seen in Internet Explorer)

Canfei Nesharim Sukkot Page - descriptions of activities and programs for Sukkot for children, teenagers and adults, focusing on the importance of water

Babaganewz Activities for Sukkot- descriptions of Sukkot activities and games for children and their families

Multimedia for the Classroom

Laws of the Esrog - a low-tech video by R. Eli Teitelbaum which explains everything you want to know about etrogim, including how they are grown, the terminology, and the laws pertaining to them (suitable for elementary school and up)

Arba Minim - a set of high budget videos about the technical requirements related to the four species (suitable for high school)

All about Sukkot

Torah Tots on Sukkot - information about Sukkot for children

Akhlah on Sukkot - easy to understand description about Sukkot for young children

Sukkot 101 at MyJewishLearning.com - an introduction to Sukkot for students and adults