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Operation Pillar of Defense - Classroom Materials

A compliation of classroom materials for teaching about Operation Pillar of Defense. If you have a resource you would like to add please send an email here.



Activities & Lesson Plans

The "JECC: Responding to Crisis" resource now has a new Israel section

Israel Activities and Programs Schools have Implemented - A list of classroom and community-wide activities that day school educators implemented during the Second Intifada. From 2001 but still relevant. Compiled from Lookjed.

Practical Suggestions for Activities and Programs to Aid Students' Identification with Israel - A list of classroom and school-wide activities to promote student connections with Israel.

Discussion Guides

The David Projects Discussion Guide - includes updated breifings and information

Background to Operation Pillar of Cloud with discussion points and activities - Debra Shaffer Seeman

Bonim B'Yachad a new online educational organization is offering Jewish day schools a unique and free opportunity to learn about Israel. Contact them to set up a video conference with teachers, journalists, soldiers, and residents living in Israel

Life in Israel Blogs

Reesa's World - Daily routines and coping during the conflict

Letters to America - Israeli children, grades 7-9 write letters to contemporaries in America about the situation. Spelling and grammar mistakes have not been corrected to perserve authenticity

Dealing with the Sirens - Laura Ben David

When 10 minutes feels Like 10 Years - a parent describes her experience waiting in the bomb shelter

A Different College Perspective - How Israeli Students are dealing with the crisis

The Lookstein Center's Israel BlogRoll

Related Educational Materials

Israel's Home Command Instructions for Citizens - information pamphlet to prepare for emergencies

Israel's Home Command Instructions for Citizens - creating a safe room in the house and what to do when the sirens blast - You Tube Video (English subtitles)

Israel's Home Command - What to do when the siren alerts for incoming rocket attack You Tube Video


Prayer for the State of Israel: Different Approaches - a Hebrew and English sourcesheet for studying the tefillah l'shlom hamedinah. Contains several versions of the prayer and various rabbinical perspectives. Compiled by Uri Cohen.

Prayer for Soldiers (Hebrew and English)

Prayer for the State of Israel (Hebrew)

Prayer for the State of Israel (English)

Prayer for the State of Israel - You Tube Video (English subtitles)


Distance and how much time each area in Israel has to react after rockets have been fired

Facebook Pages

Israel Defense Forces


Jerusalem Post

Times of Israel

YNet (English)

YNET (Hebrew)

Yisrael HaYom (Hebrew)

Ha'aretz (English)

Ha'aretz (Hebrew)

Prime Minister's Office (English) - Official Statements